CHASS | Changanacherry Social Service Society

COVID – 19 Responses

Pandemic is not anything new to humanity. It causes unimaginable damages and uncertainties to the human being. Different forms of Pandemics killed lakhs of people in the past and Covid- 19 is the last in this series. State and Central Governments clamped the nation-wide lockdown on March 25th in a bid to check the outbreak of the pandemic. The lockdown has ever since extended five times. The current COVID-19 pandemic has certainly presented a threatening situation to the social and economic state-of-affairs for the whole of mankind, many of which remain yet to be ascertained. And we are only gearing up to face the consequences and a multiplier effect of this manmade disaster … The pandemic requires a moral response on the part of the NGO sector. Following are the executive brief of the Covid-19 response programs of CHASS Changanacherry till date. Our Covid- 19 response programs are being undertaken in three phases;

  • Pre- lockdown period
  • Lock down period
  • Post lockdown period