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Since many years, the concern for the differently able persons had been expressed by the Society in different ways, mostly through sponsorship and running special institutions for their care. However, the approach has undergone a desirable change with the introduction of community-based rehabilitation in the year 1999. As the subject matter directly refers to Persons with Differentially Able (PDA), it would be in the fitness of things to state at this juncture the salient features of the ongoing program of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) under CHASS. It consists of different components/ stages namely,

–>Disability survey & detection of PDA

–>Obtaining medical& disability certificate

–>Linking with Government welfare provisions

–>Surgical corrections and therapeutic interventions

–>Supply of instrumental aids & appliances

–>Building community & family responsibility

–>Availability of professional services of CBR workers at source

–>Vocational training for PDA

–>Job placement and self-employment

–>Organizing and activating Self Help Groups

During this report period we could reach out to 98 PWDs by mobilizing local resources as listed below




No. of Beneficiary

Supporting Agency





 Grama Panchayath



House Maintenance


 Grama Panchayath





 Grama Panchayath



Scooter Extra Fittings


Kerala State Handicapped Development corporation,



Support the Child : Fixed Deposit Scheme


Kerala State Handicapped Development Corporation,



Medical Help


From well-wishers + New India Assurance




Special school


 Grama Panchayath



Aasraya pension for bystanders


Grama Panchayath



Tailoring machine


Well wisher



Hearing aid


Lions Club



Sleeping bed


Grama panchayath





Mercy home 



Charka & welfare fund


Khadi Board and KVIC







Rehaswiss Program

CHASS is duly associating with Rehaswiss an international donor agency based on Switzerland working exclusively for the welfare of the differently able people. Every year CHASS is supporting an average of 50 differently able people for income generation programs in collaboration with Rehaswiss. This year CHASS supported 46 differently able people for income generation programs in collaboration with Rehaswiss.

The inauguration of IGP for  was by Rev. Fr. Joseph Vaniyapurackal Vicar General of the Archdiocese on 15th October 2019 at Sandesanilayam Hall, 25 Differently abled members received the support of Rs. 20,000/- to materialise  a project of Rs. 25,000/-.

The second program was arranged on 2nd November 2019 for the distribution of support from the revolving fund.  Ms. Rakhi Kalesh, President, Madappally Block Panchayat inaugurated the loan distribution to 21 selected beneficiaries to stream line their running project with the disbursement of Rs. 2,12,004/-.

Case studies 

Rakhi Sunilkumar and family are settled in a village known as Kodinattumkunnu which is located 10 Kms away from Changanacherry Municipal town. Her family consists of 4 members viz; her husband Sunilkumar, herself and two children. Both the children are school going students. Rakhi is a Differently Abled Person. Her left leg is paralyzed and the percentage of disability is 60% as per disability certificate.

Rakhi learnt tailoring work before her marriage. She was working in a tailoring shop nearby on daily wages. But the earnings from the occasional work were too small to meet even her daily needs. She is the member of an SHG promoted by CHASS Kodinattumkunnu. The other members of the SHG recommended her name to the local unit. CHASS local unit committee headed by the parish priest conducted feasibility study and recommended her to CHASS central office for IGP support under Rehaswiss program. CHASS included her in the Rehaswiss Program, supported her to purchase a motorized tailoring machine. She started a small Tailoring unit in her house itself with the financial support of Rs. 20,000/- received from Rehaswiss Fund and her small savings. In the beginning she concentrated only in order work which she received from the neighbors. At that time her monthly income was only Rs.3000/-.  Later on the CHASS advised and supported her to start a readymade Nightdress (Nighty) stitching. At present she is getting order from 3 shops for Nighty. Many people are directly purchasing nighty from her shop. She is getting an average monthly income of Rs.   10,000/- per month. She is happy and satisfied with the earnings.  It has increased her status in the family and the community.  She has plans to expand the business. The local CHASS unit is also providing all possible support to her. They have given instructions to other SHGs to give maximum support to Rakhi by giving orders for stitching their daily wares. They expressed their sincere gratitude and prayers to Rehaswiss for your valuable and timely support to her. 

Lincy Koodathinal :  This family consists of  her husband Sibichen and two children. Lincy Koodathinal is a Differently Abled Person. Her right leg is paralyzed and the percentage of disability is 60% as per disability certificate. Both of her children are studying; the elder one is in Plus Two and the younger one in in 6th standard. Her husband is a coolie worker. He is getting only an average of 3 days’ work in a week and the small income from his coolie work was the only source of income for their family. Since they are listed as BPL category, the family is eligible for ration food supplied by the Government. They have no landed property or any substitute for fetching additional income other than the wage of her husband. Lincy is an active member of the Self Help Group promoted by CHASS Fathimapuram unit. They approached CHASS local unit in Fathimapuram and expressed their willingness to start a pretty shop in the vicinity of their small dwelling house. After conducting a detailed feasibility study Fathimapuram CHASS unit submitted a project proposal to CHASS soliciting support from Rehawsiss Program.  

While seeing the necessity and eligibility of the family, CHASS involved them in our Rehaswiss programe and allotted Rs. 20,000/- for starting a petty shop as a source of supplementary income to their family. With the support of Rehaswiss fund and own savings of Rs. 5,000/-,  she started a petty shop near her house. She attractively arranged shop with biscuits, soaps, washing power, toffees. Near her shop a new building was constructing, they need juice for workers. She supplied fresh juice like lemon, carrot, watermelon etc.   Her husband also helps her for the smooth running of business. They are getting small but regular income and saved Rs. 500/- day. Then they modified the petty shop to a provisional shop.

Her husband and children are helping Lincy in the business, so that she is able to manage the functioning of the shop without any helpers from outside. Recently they got the dealership of Milma Milk products. They also started decoration work in nearby places in connection with wedding, baptism etc. Altogether they are getting an average of Rs. 10,000 per month.  They are happy and satisfied with these earnings. They expressed their sincere gratitude and prayers to Rehaswiss for the valuable and timely support to the family. 

Rehaswiss Asha Talent Program

Asha talent Promotion Centre is a project jointly implemented by Rehaswiss and Changanacherry Social Service Society in order to promote the creativity and talent of the differently able women by providing innovative impulses and inspiration. The project is located at vadavathoor near Kottayam. The following are the differently abled, actively involved in the production process in the centre.

Sl. No

Name & address


Item specialized


Sujatha Gopalan (43) Kuttickal colony, Koothrappally

Orthopedically Handicapped 50%

Wine bottle bag, Jewelry Bag


Neethi John (27) Koothrappally, Misampady

60% handicapped

Sleeping bag, cosmetic bag


Mariamma John (51) Palathinkal, Mammoodu

Orthopedically Handicapped 50%

Kitchen towel


Susamma Devasia (41) Muthiraparambil, Panayampala

Deaf & Dumb

Cake bag, bed sheet, pillow cover


Geetha Nedumkunnam, Karukachal

Deaf & Dumb

Christmas bag verities


Lethika, Karukachal

Deaf & Dumb

Yoga pant & top, Apron, fabric bag


 Veena , Alappuzha

Deaf & Dumb

Eco friendly cotton bag items

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