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Women constitute the major clientele of CHASS with their active presence and involvement in the grass root dynamics.In due recognition of this, and realizing the importance of a special deal for the women, all the micro organizational bodies have been networked in to a women’s federation named Associated Women’s Action for Rural Developments (AWARD). This registered Society is getting systematically oriented by CHASS team towards independent functioning.

A. Mahilasamajams

In all the villages (Parish) the women SHGs are coordinated under a federated body named as Mahilasamajam.  At present there are 107 Mahilasamajams actively functioning under the banner of CHASS. These Mahialasamajams are federated under a central level network body named AWARD.  Major activities of Mahilasamajams are; Monthly meetings and respond to social issues, Skill/EDP training, coordination of women SHG activities, promotion of IGP among members etc.

B. Women’s day Observation

International Women’s day was observed by the Regional Units of CHASS at 14 locations with various programs such as; orientation talks, cultural programs, rally, public meeting etc., during the first week of March.

CHASS central level program was organised on 7th March at Koothrappally. 1000 women representatives from Changanacherry, Nedumkunam, Manimala, Kurumbanadom and Thrickodithanam regions partaken in the program. Adv. Bindhu Thomas Member Kerala State Minority Commission inaugurated the International Women’s day 2020 by lighting the lamp.   Ms. Kusumam Chacko, Vice President CHASS Nedumkunnam region extended a warm welcome to all. Ms. Swapna Binu, President Paippad Gramapanchayath presided over the meeting. Fr. Joseph Kalarickal, Executive Director CHASS delivered the keynote address. Mr. Jacob Job, Rtd. DSP lead the seminar on Women and Social Medias. The meeting honoured best women social workers, best women entrepreneurs and young women having four or more children. Variety entertainments, completions for women in different subjects were also conducted as part of the International Women’s day observation

C.Children’sClubs (Changathikoottam)

CHASS is promoting Children’s Clubs in its operational area under the name “Changathikoottam”. Chnagathikoottam is a facility for children in the age group of 05-15 to develop their creativity in the most effective way. It also initiates the personality development of the children. The activities include;

–>Periodical meetings

–>Personality development trainings

–>Leadership training

–>Skill training

–>Cultural programs

–>Summer camps

–>Counselling support

–>Free tuition

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